Hi There! I’m Laura. For the past nine years, I’ve been helping elementary teachers like you transform your classroom into an organized learning environment where differentiation helps students feel confident, valued, and inspired to take ownership of their learning. My goal is to share tips and resources that make differentiated learning more manageable for you. 


Every learner in your class is unique. You know them well. You know their needs. You know differentiated learning will help you meet those needs. But the execution is overwhelming, and it seems like the planning required to do it well is enough for you to work 24/7.  

You’ve come to the right place if…

  • You need ideas for how to organize all your resources so planning for differentiated learning is more efficient. 
  • You use workshop structures to differentiate in your classroom, but want to boost student accountability.
  • You are looking for ways to support learners with special needs so they can meet standards. 
  • You want ideas for how to keep your advanced learners engaged when they’re ready to move ahead.  
  • You’d like detailed steps for setting routines and expectations that make differentiation more manageable.


Like you, my teaching is driven by a set of core beliefs. 

  • I believe students thrive in a classroom environment where they are respected and feel safe.
  • I believe in assuming best intentions and in giving students a fresh start each day.  
  • I believe all learners can reach their goals when given support through differentiation. 
  • I believe learning should be interactive and rigorous. 
  • I believe students are capable of amazing things when we balance high expectations with support.
  • I believe students learn more when their teacher is rested and enjoys life outside the classroom.

If these beliefs resonate with you, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Core Inspiration, you’ll find detailed posts that share how to carry out routines in your classroom that make your classroom a space where students know they are valued, safe, and can feel confident about learning.

In my teaching resource shop, you’ll find ready-to-use resources for organizing differentiated learning, enriching math workshop, providing students with hands-on learning experiences, making project based learning easy to implement, and boosting your classroom management system.


During my years as an elementary educator in California, I have taught students in grades 2-4. From my first days in the classroom, I loved creating custom resources for my students to help boost their engagement, challenge them, support them when they struggled, and help them to be independent and organized.

In 2013, one of my colleagues encouraged me to share my resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. With a little extra encouragement from my husband, Paul, I opened my store that summer. Soon, I was hearing from other teachers who were using my resources in their classroom. Stories of student academic growth, engagement shifts, and boosts in confidence inspire me to continue sharing my knowledge and resources with teachers like you every day. 

As Core Inspiration has grown, it has become my career, an invigorating creative outlet, and a way for me to connect with educators around the world. My goal is to continue creating and sharing unique resources that engage students, build classroom communities, and make teaching an enjoyable career. 

Your support in reading this blog and sharing your thoughts in the comments is warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Core Inspiration community. I am so glad you’re here!