Digital & printable formats included in each set. These word problems are designed to help 3rd grade students exercise multi-step math problem solving, reasoning, critical thinking, and precise math modeling skills.


Multi-step word problems are one of the greatest challenges for many students. We should be providing students with daily opportunities to tackle complex word problems in the classroom so they can truly master this challenging skill.

These math problem solving tasks are carefully crafted so students routinely practice their ability to:

  • Carefully analyze what math skills are required to find a solution.
  • Create detailed math models that show their math reasoning.
  • Record their solution in a complete sentence.

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math projects and simulations

Each of my project units are designed to help your students exercise math application and analysis skills. They are a perfect way to supplement your regular math activities, or can serve as an alternative enrichment option for students who demonstrate mastery at the beginning of a new math unit. 


Your students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge through creative design, multi-step problem solving, informational research, narrative writing that incorporates their math knowledge, and build organization skills as they plan and execute this multi-day project.

Every step of these project based learning units is outlined in a student-focused project guide that includes clear visuals and step-by-step instructions. Rubrics and reflection prompts will encourage your students to reach their learning goals.

The format of each project also gives students the opportunity to exercise the standards for mathematical practice, apply math in real world situations, and display understanding in unique and engaging ways.

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