Beyond A Resolution: Goal Setting For A New Year

New year. New start. New adventures. New resolution goals. Yes, resolutions are fun and get your blood pumping, but I decided to abandon making one for 2014. I honestly can’t remember making a resolution I have kept so I decided to make a more “official” commitment to achieve a few desirables this year by starting A GOAL BOOK!
So far…I am LOVING this thing. Here’s the inside scoop:
I headed to one of my favorite hangouts, Paper Source. Every time I walk into this store, I develop a serious case of O.C.D. which requires me to touch every product on every shelf…eeek! Over an hour after walking through the door, I walked out with these little beauties.
Goal book and fancy file folders.
The moment I got home, I opened up my crisp new goal book and got to work recording my goals for this exciting new year on the first page in a shinny silver pen to match the shinny silver lining of the pages. When all was said and done, I had a compilation of 8 goals and some really pretty file folders for any goal-related projects that may require stylish storage. 🙂
Each goal was then assigned a section in my goal book, which I titled with its respective goal.
Inside my goal book.
I am using these sections to record what I need to do to achieve each goal. Some of the pages (like my section related to my Teachers Pay Teachers goal) are already filled with to-do lists and inspiration while others (like my section related to planning a Europe trip) are waiting to be filled later in the year.
I am pretty jazzed about this new approach to taking on a new year and look forward to filling my book with ideas to keep me moving along and looking back on everything I have recorded throughout 2014 when next January arrives. It will be like a scrapbook of ideas and a record of the progress (hopefully) I have made in my personal and professional life this year!
How do you plan to track your resolution/goal progress this year?

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