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Books Teachers Love Series HeaderThank you for visiting this month’s Books Teachers Love post. If this is your first time stopping by, get ready for a plethora of engaging seasonal books you can incorporate into your lesson plans. In addition to some fresh read aloud ideas, you will also have the opportunity to win four books for your own classroom library. Since I can never be a winner (sigh) I have aligned the due date for my Scholastic Reading Club order with the 10th of each month because I know my blogging buddies are sure to introduce me to a few new books find that I’ll need to add to my cart.
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This month, I am excited to introduce you to (or remind you of) an irresistible read aloud that warm your heart as the seasons change from fall to winter.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves and Core Inspiration Schnazzy Sequenced Summarizer

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson is a touching story about an ambitious young fox, Fletcher, who struggles to help a tree “survive” the changing seasons. Throughout the fall season, Fletcher tries to catch, gather, and reattach the tree’s leaves. When the final leaf snaps off the tree and into Fletcher’s paw, he disappointedly resigns to his den and falls asleep. The following morning, Fletcher makes a trek out to the tree, only to find a majestic new sight that helps him realize the falling leaves do not mean the end of life for the tree.

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This year, I plan to use this book for two different mini lessons.

Our whole class reading mini lessons are currently targeting summarizing the plot of a story.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves characters and setting questions.

My students will use their Schnazzy Sequenced Summary tools to support them in summarizing the most important parts of the plot.

Schnazzy Sequenced Summarizer tool from Core Inspiration helps young readers sequence a story.

All of my students love bringing this handy little tool to the carpet and flipping through it as they share their summary with an elbow partner.

An look inside the Schnazzy Sequenced Sumamrizer.

We are also working on writing personal narratives in our second grade class. Although Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is an imaginary narrative, the introduction is too beautiful to resist sharing as mentor for writing vivid introductions. We will certainly be referring to it several times to help inspire writers who want to launch their narrative with where/when + what’s happening topic sentences.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves Introduction sample

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