Three Quick Tips for Social Distancing in the Classroom Library

At this point, we have no idea what school will look like come fall or exactly how we’ll need to tweak our routines and expectations to ensure students stay safe and healthy if they return to the classroom.

One thing that helps ease the feelings of uncertainty is to think of each space in your classroom and brainstorm ways to maintain the systems you’ve put in place as much as possible with modifications that will help students maintain social distance while at school.

Really Good Stuff book and magazine bins are perfect for storing picture books in your classroom library

The classroom library is an excellent place to start because it requires thoughtful organization that can help to calm nervousness and anxiety, and takes you one step closer to being ready for whatever challenges back to school may bring.

Whether you use the classroom library organization system I’ve shared on my blog, or have one you already love, here are three tips for keeping your classroom library up and running while social distancing in the classroom.

  1. Create a book shopping schedule so a couple students have a few minutes to browse for new books each morning throughout the week.
  2. Have students return books they’ve read to “The Book Hangout” – a special bin where books can rest for 24-48 hours before your class librarian adds them back to the shelves.
  3. Provide students with book bins so their books, sticky notes, and reading notebooks are kept in a safe space outside their desk rather than potentially getting damaged inside desks.
Student book bin sitting on top of desk with books carefully organized.

If you have any questions or ideas to add to the list above, please share in the comments below.

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Core Inspiration by Laura Santos Classroom Library Labeling Kit Cover Image


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