TPT Seller's Conference Recap


Well, it took me two days to recover but I am back (mentally and physically) from the first ever Teachers Pay Teachers Conference! The mental recovery was far more intense than the physical after a weekend filled with tons of nerves, amazing learning, new friendships and awesome memories.

I am still in awe of how welcoming and friendly our community of TPT sellers is. I attended the conference solo so I really had to put myself out there in order to reach my networking goals.

By about 5:00 PM, I was totally exhausted (like just-finished-the-first-day-of-school exhausted) but I kept my social butterfly engine running until the late evening hours and boy was it worth it!

My favorite memories from the trip were: Meeting TPT founder Paul Edelman and TPT’s top seller Deanna Jump.

These two life-changing moments happened before 8:00AM. Apparently that was the time I stopped taking pictures because those are the only two I have. (Picture taking has been added to my conference must-dos for next year.)
Having lunch with an amazing group of California bloggers. Meeting John Yoo and his service dog ;).
Meeting AMY BORRELL BERNER!!!!! (she is ahh-ma-zing!)
Cracking up at Cara Carroll (she is seriously hilarious) throughout her Q Is For Quality
presentation with Erica Bohrer. I will definitely go to every TPT Conference I possibly can from now until forever. 🙂 This one goes on the list of reasons why I heart TPT!
Did you go to the conference? Share your favorite moment in the comments below.

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