Back To School Week: Day 3: WHY My Organization Tips Work

Organization is my jam. It’s hard to say what I enjoy more; the therapeutic process of organizing every nook and cranny of a space; or the satisfaction I feel when I walk into a room or open a cabinet and see the organized glory within it.

Although I do, indeed, love every aspect of organization; there are a few super organized areas in my classroom that make my heart skip a beat.

FIRST: The Supply Cabinet

One side of this little beauty is designated for art supplies and the other for math tools. Everything is stored in precisely labeled bins and drawers so nothing gets lost. Not only is this cabinet pretty enough to leave open all day long; it is easy for me,  my students and my parent helpers to navigate.

That’s right, the kids are welcome to help themselves to anything they need in this cabinet. It’s amazing how much pride they take in being able to retrieve and clean up supplies without having to ask.

Core Inspiration classroom supply cabinet.

To whip this cabinet into shape, I used these bins from Target and my collection of customizable classroom labels, which you can grab here.

SECOND: The Classroom Library

As every teacher knows, a classroom library is a never-ending work in progress. This year, I finally feel I have a solid organization system in place that will allow me to easily add new books to my library as the year progresses. My trick: meticulous labeling (shocker I know).
I have every book bin labeled with the genre/topic/series the bin contains. Each book within that bin has a full-color picture label that matches the bin label. This is THE essential component because it makes it super easy for the kiddos to return each book to the correct bin.

Core Inspiration classroom library organization tips
To get this library organized to a T, I used these bins from Really Good Stuff along with bins like these from Target, and my Classroom Library Labeling Kit found here, which also has resources for labeling your library by DRA or Guided Reading Level.

THIRD: The Group Stations

This is my third year using my amazing group stations, from Ikea. I like to arrange my desks into table groups so students have large surfaces to collaborate around during projects and group/partner work time.

Core Inspiration group stations with book bins, work in progress bins, supply drawers, and tidy up tools
The stations at each group house that group’s labeled supplies including:

  • book bins (library books + desks = book death)
  • shared art supplies (crayons + markers + scissors + glue + desk = distraction disaster)
  • work in progress folders – this makes it easy for me check that Bob is really done with all his work
  • Tidy Up Tools – disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer at each station really cut back on the germ infestation that blossoms the moment those second graders walk through the door

Hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at some of my favorite organization tools. Would love to hear about your favorite organization tool in the comments below.


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5 Responses

  1. Your classroom is so wonderfully organized! I wish I could be this organized. I could certainly get it this organized – but then I wouldn't be able to touch it ever again! I have come to terms with my organizational abilities – but if you don't mind I'll be jealous of your organization talents for a hot minute!
    Thanks for sharing

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