Five For Friday – New School Year!

I finally feel like I have my feet on the ground after a whirlwind start to the school year. Teaching a new grade level at a new school has been an amazing experience, but has also left me very sleepy and slightly intensely scatter-brained.

For this week’s Five for Friday Linky, I’m giving you a peek at some of the highlights that made this week a turning point in my ability to think straight at the start of the school year.


It all started with last weekend when I spent some QT with a few friends and visited a really neat local bookstore where I found a Roald Dahl book I didn’t already own (didn’t think that was possible…but now it’s mine)! I also went on a long bike ride around town with my husband. It was like a brain cleanse to get away from school work and breathe in some fresh air. The first signs of fall definitely helped make the weekend even more wonderful.

Bookstore shelves and bike riding.


My amazing teammate walked me through her Word Work routine for Daily 5. I am so grateful for her willingness to show me the ropes since word work centers are something I have never done in my five years of teaching (don’t judge me…I know it’s crazy!) She completely inspired me and I have been busy collecting a few of my favorite ideas on my new Core Inspired Word Work Pinterest Board.


My weekly schedule is set in stone at last and I >FINALLY< got to print my year-long plan book. This year, I held off on printing until I had all of my specials scheduled so I don’t have to write them in week after week. Next week, I am going to get everything into a binder so I can stop walking around with handfuls of sticky notes and binder paper unit plans and start acting like a real teacher.

My printed lesson plan book.


We completed our first seat change. Best! Decision! Ever! The kids are so focused in their new spots. We change seats monthly so students have any opportunity to work with everyone in the class by the end of year. I was so proud of my second graders who totally rocked their first Seat Change Challenge. Never heard of a Seat Change Challenge? Grab it for free here. You will never dread having the kids change seats again. You’re welcome. 🙂

Seat Change Challenge free download and organized desks.


We started our first science unit (Plants and Insects). Our insects are on the way. Am I thrilled about having Darkling Beetles in the classroom? No. But I am giddy over our adorable observation station for our brassica plants. My second graders had a blast planting their seeds and have knocked my socks off with their ability to write thorough descriptions of their scientific observations.
I’m crossing my fingers next week will feel just as great as this one so I can get back on track with blogging.


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