Practice Modeling Fractions on A Number Line With This Unique Math Game

One of the greatest roadblocks when identifying and modeling fractions on a number line is the ability to visualize how to partition a number line into equal shares. A powerful way to strengthen this skill is to give your students time to physically manipulate a number line. 

The game Number Line Dash can help you do just that. 

The Objective of Number Line Dash 

This two-player math game will help your students become masters in modeling fractions on a number line. Their goal is to use a number line to model the fraction they “flip” before their partner models theirs. 

How To Set Up This Math Game

Have students find an open space to play on the floor or on a table. They will need:

  • 1 deck of playing cards
  • 12 small paper clips per player
  • 1 blank number line per player   
  • 1 pencil or whiteboard marker per player 
  • 1 timer 

Each face card has a special value for this game. 

  • Aces = 1
  • Jacks = 11
  • Kings & Queens = 12 

How To Play Number Line Dash 

  • Divide the card deck equally between each player. 
  • Each player flips two cards from their stack. 
  • Use these two cards to create a fraction.
    • The number on one card will be the numerator of your fraction, and the number on the other card will be the denominator. 
  • Once you have created your fraction, use paper clips to divide your blank number line strip into the correct number of sections.
    • For example, if your denominator is 6, use 5 paper clips to create 6 equal sections on your number line strip. 
  • Mark the position of the fraction using a whiteboard marker. 
  • The player who accurately marks their fraction first wins a point. 
  • Clear your number line and play another round. 
  • The player with the most points when the timer beeps is the winner.

Make Modeling Fractions on A Number Line Easier For Your Students

When you notice your students struggling to model fractions on a number line, ditch the worksheet practice and opt for this hands-on game instead. 

You can find a printable game card for Number Line Dash and 5 other hands-on fraction games in my shop.

Model fractions on a number line and practice other skills with Core Inspiration's collection of hands-on fraction games. All game instruction cards laying on a table number to fraction strips modeling tool.

Looking for more ways to bring hands-on fun to your fractions unit? Check out my post Bring Hands-on Learning To Your Fractions Unit.


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  1. I really like your math games amd can’ t wait to try them! Thank you so much for the Number Line Dash! I am lookingnfor 5th grade fraction standards games, mostly. I will have to check out your store.

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