5 Classroom Jobs Your Students Will Love

Classroom jobs are one of the most powerful tools for boosting students’ ownership of their learning space. When students are trusted with the responsibility of completing tasks that are substantial and meaningful contributions to their classroom, they instantly feel like a more valued members of their classroom community. 

You may notice your students highly covet some of your classroom jobs, while others are less popular. Here are five classroom jobs that, without fail, you and your students will love incorporating into your economy system each year. 

Indoor Environmentalist 

The indoor environmentalist uses a little hand-held vacuum to clean messes off the floor. This job will feel super manageable and fun to your students if you also have every student in class pick up five items that shouldst be on the floor as part of their tidy-up routine. This ensures that all the follow cleanup doesn’t fall on one student and makes the use of the vacuum cleaner feel very special and fun. 

Core Inspiration classroom job card for indoor environmentalist job laying next to paper scraps, eraser, and hand-held vacuum.

This job is a wonderful way to demonstrate how easy it is to clean up after yourself and leave a space better than you found it. Do you likely have a custodian who routinely vacuums your classroom? Probably. Regardless, the Indoor Environmentalist job shows students we can contribute to making our school custodian’s workload lighter by taking a quick couple minutes at the end of each day to reset the state of the floor in our classroom.

What a wonderful way to show care for the classroom and appreciation for one of the valuable members of your school community. 


The librarians make sure the classroom library is neatly organized and that all the library books are returned to their proper spots. Depending on the size of your classroom library, hire up to four classroom librarians each week. This way, they can divide the work and achieve a beautiful library reset at the end of each school day. 

Core Inspiration classroom job card for librarian job laying next to a bin labeled "book hospital".

The librarians start by putting loose books away in their proper bin or shelf. Then they make sure spines are facing outward, and books are standing tall and proud. If they come across any books that need repair, they place those in the Book Hospital bin.

Finally, they dust the shelves of the library so everything is glowing and ready for a new day of reading. This job is an easy way to emphasize how much value books have in your classroom.

Desk Elf

Your desk elves will help remind each student in the classroom to keep their desk or their workspace organized. I recommend assigning a desk elf for each table group or each seating zone in your classroom so they only have a few desks/cubbies to check each day. 

These helpers peek inside each student’s desk or cubby and touch nothing. If they see a desk that is organized, tidy, and free from any extra pencils, loose papers, knickknacks, or trash, they can move on to check the next desk.

If they see any of the items listed (or any other items you prefer not to have inside desks or cubbies) they place a Tidy Up Ticket on top of the desk or on the edge of the cubby. This ticket is a polite way of reminding the owner of the desk or cubby that they need to take a moment to tidy up their personal learning space before heading home that day.

Core Inspiration classroom job card for desk elf job laying on top of a desk elf checklist on a clip board. Small yellow papers that read "tidy up ticket" lay next to the job card.

If the level of organization seen inside a desk or cubby wildly impresses a Desk Elf, they can place a reward on that desk. I always have them place $1 class cash on the desk to recognize the fabulous organization. This class cash can be used in the classroom shop

Hiring these helpers in your classroom makes it easier for all students to stay organized without a massive amount of work ‌for you as the teacher, which makes learning time more productive.  

Technology Team 

Your technology team organizes the Chromebook, laptop, or iPad cart at the end of each day. They plug in all the devices, make sure they’re pushed securely into their slot, and close the door of the cart. 

Core Inspriation's elementary classroom Chromebook Cart with posters reading "Chromebook Cart Challenge" and "Chromebook Cart Etiquette" attached to each door of the cart.

This simple process is one less thing you’ll have to worry about with a little extra assistance from your very capable and qualified technology helpers.  If you are interested in making this job even more engaging, you can have the Technology Team run a challenge each week that focuses on proper technology use and announce the winner of the challenge on Friday afternoon. 

Inventory Manager 

This one is so simple, but it will make your classroom run like a well-oiled machine. At the end of each day, the Inventory Manager makes sure the student supply cabinet is fully stocked and ready for a fresh day of learning. The contents of your “student supply area” may vary, but may include lined paper, blank paper, glue, sticky notes, special recording sheets used during math, and so on. As they check the inventory of these supplies, they also quickly tidy the cabinet and dust any shelves or bins that need attention. 

Post it note reading "we need more recording sheets" laying on top of a math recording sheet surrounded by teacher's desktop items.

If they notice a supply is getting low on inventory, they write a quick sticky note and place it in a spot you’ve designated. This makes it so easy for you to order or replenish supplies before they have completely run out, making your learning time more productive. 

Ready To Brainstorm Your Own Classroom Jobs?

I hope the details on these five favorite jobs will help you get started with brainstorming your own list of meaningful classroom jobs that make your teacher life easier and each day for your students more interactive

When planning your classroom jobs, consider the tasks that need to be done before, during, and after school. Assigning classroom jobs that have a purpose not only helps to reduce your workload but also helps students feel like valued members of the classroom community. This promotes a greater sense of responsibility for the classroom environment and encourages students to take ownership of their learning. 

Classroom job brainstorming is written on a blue post it note next to a collection of classroom job cards.

If you are looking for a free editable tool to make planning and writing classroom jobs irresistibly easy, complete the form below and I’ll email you my Free Editable Classroom Job Cards. All the job cards I love using with students are included and ready-to-print, or can be edited to fit the unique needs of your classroom. 

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